Detoxification/Inpatient Referrals    

Below are publically-funded providers of detoxification and inpatient services.  There are many private, for-profit and non-profit inpatient care providers within the region.  Please contact a member of our Treatment Services Department for more information.


Two types of detoxification services are available in the state to help individuals withdraw from the physical effects of alcohol and other drugs. Freestanding medical detoxification programs are available in Charleston, Greenville, Richland and York counties. These programs provide 24-hour medical support, counseling services and medication as needed during the withdrawal process. In addition, social model detoxification programs are available in several locations of the state to provide 24-hour intensive supervision and counseling by non-medical professionals who help individuals during the withdrawal process. These programs are available in Horry, Marion, Newberry, Spartanburg and Sumter counties.

Inpatient Treatment

Inpatient treatment for adolescents ages 12 to 17 is available through the William J. McCord Adolescent Treatment Center.  This program is a medically monitored service that includes 24-hour physician and nursing coverage.

Women's long-term residential treatment programs are available, sseveral of which allow the women to bring a limited number of dependent children with them to treatment. These programs include: (1) the 16-bed Chrysalis Center in Florence County that allows the women to bring up to two children (ages 10 and under) with them to treatment; (2) the 10-bed Lowcountry Crossroads program in Colleton County that allows the women to bring one child (one year and under); (3) the 16-bed New Life program in Charleston County that allows two children (ages 5 and under); (4) the 16-bed Serenity Place in Greenville County that allows women to bring up to two children (ages 5 and under) with them to treatment; and (5) the 24-bed Women's Community Residence in Lexington County that provides a supportive living environment for women who are in the early stages of recovery to assist them in making the often difficult transition from treatment back to their families and their communities. Also available is the Fresh Start program, a long-term residential program for pregnant and/or parenting female adolescents (ages 17 and under) and their children. Located in Marion County, this nine-bed facility allows the adolescents to bring up to two of their children with them to treatment. The program also provides a continuum of outpatient services for up to one year following the residential phase of treatment.

It is recommended that an evaluation of a person’s need for these services be conducted by Aiken Center clinical staff prior to seeking a provider; however, you may contact these providers directly.  Contact information may be obtained by clicking on the program of interest listed above.   

To initiate this process, you must contact the Aiken-Barnwell Mental Health Center at (803) 641-7700 or (803) 648-9900, for an after-hours emergency.


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