Consumer Input  

Achievement of Outcomes

In 2002, the South Carolina Department of Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Services (DAODAS) implemented statewide outcome/follow-up procedures for all county designated substance abuse agencies. Data is gathered from client admission forms, client discharge forms and from post discharge surveys conducted by telephone. Some of the areas covered by the post discharge survey include, alcohol and other drug use in the past thirty days, alcohol and other drug use to intoxication, living arrangements, employment status, arrest information, school suspensions/expulsions, medical, mental, or alcohol and/or drug treatment within the past thirty days and satisfaction with the services you received while in treatment. We will also ask you for any ideas you may have on how to improve the services that we offer. The post discharge surveys take place 70-110 days after your discharge or termination from the Aiken Center. With your permission, you will be contacted by phone to gather information about your satisfaction with our services and your progress after discharge. We encourage you to participate in this effort.

Client Satisfaction

During the course of treatment you may be asked to complete a survey regarding your satisfaction with services. These surveys take place once per quarter during group treatment services. Completed surveys are collected by a member of the group and returned to the Direct Services Assistant. Counselors do not see the completed surveys. In an effort to constantly improve our services and meet the needs of persons seeking services, we always encourage your input, both formally and informally.

Do not hesitate to talk with your Counselor as well as members of our management team, including the Executive Director.

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