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Client Rights

The following Client Rights statement supports and protects your rights as a human being including fundamental human, civil, constitutional and statutory rights. We want you and your family to be involved in your care and fully informed of your rights while you are a client at the Aiken Center.  As a client of the Aiken Center, you have the following rights:

  • To be entitled to respect and dignity in an environment that affords security and privacy.
  • To receive services that are protected under the laws of confidentiality and to receive an Aiken Center Privacy Notice as well as other information concerning your rights regarding the use, storage, and disclosure of healthcare information.
  • To receive services regardless of race, sex, national origin, creed, physical or mental handicap, or personal ability to pay.
  • To know the reason for or purpose of the services provided and to consent to receiving these services.
  • To receive an individual evaluation and treatment based upon your needs, abilities and goals, including your active participation in the development of your individualized treatment plan.
  • To ensure that your needs and preferences are not neglected and to receive any information needed to make informed decisions concerning the services you receive.
  • To be assessed fees on an equitable basis.
  • To express your preferences concerning the choice of case manager, counselor or other service provider.
  • To review your records upon reasonable request and as provided by law.
  • To refuse treatment or withdraw from services at any time without affecting re-entry at a later time.
  • To be free from physical abuse, sexual abuse, harassment and physical punishment imposed by Aiken Center employees.
  • To be free from psychological abuse, including humiliating, threatening and exploitive action on the part of Aiken Center employees.
  • To be free from fiduciary abuse associated with Aiken Center employees holding in trust anything of value that belongs to you.
  • To be informed of and treated in compliance with the Agency’s policy on seclusion, restraint, special treatment interventions and the restriction of rights.
  • To receive assistance from the Aiken Center in facilitating access and referral to guardians, conservators, self-help groups, advocacy, and legal services.
  • To have privacy during visits unless contraindicated in the recovery and treatment process or as ordered by a physician or other authorized healthcare provider.
  • Withdrawal from participation in some programs may necessitate a delay in your readmission. Also, if your participation in this program is the result of involvement with the criminal justice system, your legal status may be jeopardized by withdrawal without court, probation or parole permission. Please make certain of your individual situation before withdrawing.

Alcohol and Illicit/Licit Drugs on Premises       back to the top

The Aiken Center prohibits the possession and use of alcohol and non-prescription drugs within its facilities. Discovery of any illicit drugs or the illegal possession of prescription drugs will be reported to the City of Aiken Department of Public Safety. Clients who report for treatment services impaired by the use of any mood-altering substances will not be allowed to participate.

Concealed Weapons
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No concealed weapons of any kind, such as guns, box cutters, knives or any other sharp instrument are allowed on Aiken Center premises. The only exception is that a duly certified law enforcement officer on official business may carry his/her weapon on the premises. For unofficial business, such as counseling services, law enforcement officers are to leave their weapon in a locked vehicle. Any concealed weapons found on the premises will be reported to law enforcement officials.

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Aiken Center policy prohibits the placement of clients in seclusion or physical restraint as a part of their treatment or intervention program. Clients are not permitted to physically restrain other clients.

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Aggressive/Assaultive behavior toward clients, staff or visitors by staff or clients will not be tolerated. These behaviors may be grounds for immediate discharge.

Tobacco Products and Smoking       
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The Aiken Center is a smoke-free work environment. Smoking is prohibited except in those locations that have been designated as smoking areas. Anyone under the age of twenty-one (21) is prohibited from smoking on Aiken Center premises.

Program Rules       
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Basic program rules include: maintain confidentiality, be on time, respect others and their rights, one person speaks at a time, and use “I” statements. Additional rules may apply and will be reviewed with you by your counselor. The Aiken Center does not restrict the rights or privileges of its clients.

Grievance Rights and Procedure       back to the top

You may file a formal grievance or appeal a decision made by Aiken Center employees, without fear of reprisal, if you feel your rights have been violated or if you feel a staff member has violated the Aiken Center Code of Conduct (Ethics). All grievances will be addressed in a confidential manner. In addition, ADSAP clients have additional appeal procedures afforded by Section 56 5 2990 of the Code of South Carolina laws, as amended.

Clinical Code of Ethics       
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Aiken Center clinical staff members are cognizant of their potentially influential position with respect to clients and they avoid exploiting this trust. Aiken Center clinical staff members make every effort to avoid dual relationships with clients that could impair their professional judgment or increase the risk of exploitation. Therefore, Aiken Center clinical staff must:

  • respect the right of clients to make decisions and help them understand the consequences of these decisions.
  • terminate a professional relationship when it is clear that the client is not benefiting from services.
  • not abandon or neglect clients in need of continued treatment without making reasonable arrangements for the continuation of such treatment.
  • not engage in activities of a non-therapeutic nature outside of the business location with active clients receiving clinical services; and/or conduct any activities found to be harmful to clients.
  • obtain informed consent of clients before taping, recording, or permitting third party observation of their activities.
  • recognize boundaries and limitations of professional competence and not offer services or use techniques outside of their professional competencies.
  • be dedicated to maintaining high standards of scholarship and presenting information that is accurate.
  • seek to remain current on new developments in the behavioral health field, as relevant to their specialty areas, through educational activities and clinical experiences.
  • exercise special care when making public their professional recommendations and opinions through personal testimony or other public statements. 
  • seek appropriate professional assistance for their own personal problems or conflicts that are likely to impair their work performance and/or their clinical judgment.

In addition to the above standards of ethical conduct, direct service providers who hold credentials from their professional groups are also bound by their standards. These groups include:

  • National Association of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselors
  • South Carolina Association of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselors
  • South Carolina Association of Prevention Professionals and Advocates
  • State Boards of Licensed Professional Counselors (GA & SC)
  • State and/or National Boards of Licensed and/or Independent Social Workers
  • State Boards of Licensed Clinical Psychologists (GA & SC)

Any comments, concerns, or suspected violations of this Code of Ethics should be reported to the Aiken Center’s Corporate Compliance Officer at (803) 649-1900 ext. 344.

Advance Directives       
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The Aiken Center encourages its clients to take an active role in their care by stating their health care preferences in writing through legal documents known as advance directives. Advance directives, such as living wills and durable powers of attorney for health care, are documents written in advance of serious illness that let you state your choices for health care or name someone to make those decisions if you are unable to do so. Through the use of advance directives you can make legally valid decisions about your future medical treatment.

Health and Safety       back to the top

The health and safety of our clients, employees and visitors is of prime concern to us. It is the policy of the Aiken Center to provide and maintain a safe and healthy environment for our clients, staff and members of the community in order to ensure a rehabilitative atmosphere.

Emergency Drills       back to the top

From time to time, we will be conducting emergency drills. Anyone on the Aiken Center premises is expected to participate. During these drills you may be expected to exit the building. Emergency exits are located throughout the building and are clearly marked. Your counselor will inform you of the nearest exit and assist you in exiting the building safely. Please follow the directions provided by your counselor. We thank you for your assistance in this matter.

Emergency Procedures       back to the top

In the case of an emergency, such as fire, tornado, acts of violence, follow the instructions given to you by your counselor/Aiken Center staff members.

Infection Control       back to the top

You will receive educational materials concerning precautions to be taken to prevent the spread of infectious diseases, such as HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis, TB, etc. Please study this information carefully and talk with your counselor if you have questions.



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